Course Overview

Spring 2016

  • MSE 704: Interaction of Photons with Solids (Teaching of the entire lecture, details see below)
  • Educational Project: Fun with Photons (Exploration project with The Exploris middle school)

Fall 2015

  • MSE 703: Interaction of Electrons with Solids (Assistance and Teaching)
  • MSE 201H: Honors Course – Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials (Assistance & Lab Project)

Fall 2014

  • ENG 101: Academic Writing and Research (Guest lectures)
  • MSE 751: Thin Film and Coating Science and Technology I (Assistance)


Prior teaching experience at TU Berlin:

Winter semester 2013

  • Physics for Engineers  (TU Berlin, Assistance and Teaching)



COURSE DETAILS (for PTP courses only)

MSE 704: Interaction of Photons with Solids

This course aims to answer basic questions on photon-matter interaction: Why do materials appear the way we see them? How can we change and control that? How can we apply these properties in various optical elements and optoelectronic devices? The course provides a practical foundation for working with and for development of optoelectronics technology.

Course topics:

Optical phenomena in materials (EM waves, Polarizability and complex refractive index, Frequency response) • Maxwell’s equations and dielectric function (Maxwell’s equations and formal solutions, Light-medium interaction, What happens at boundaries?, Optical anisotropy) • Absorption and dispersion (Free electron model – Drude, Oscillators – Lorentz, Quantum approach, Oscillator strength, Application to real materials) • Interband transitions (Absorption, Emission, Excitons) • Perturbation of optical properties by external forces (Strain, Temperature, Electric field, Magnetic Field) • Confinement structures (Quantum Wells, Wires, and Dots) • Phonons (Inelastic light scattering, Raman, Brillouin) • Nonlinear optics (Nonlinear response, Second order effects, Third order effects) • Optical elements (Dielectric coatings, Waveguides, Polarizers, Rotators, Filters) • Optoelectronics (Photo diodes, LEDs, LDs, PVs) • Liquid crystals (Properties, LCDs


MSE 703: Interaction of Electrons with Solids

The course covers the electron theory of materials, band theory, electrical behavior of metals, semiconductors, dielectrics and non-crystalline materials, as well as structurem principles of operation of basic electronic devices: contacts, p-n junctions, field effect and bipolar transistors.

Course topics:

Fundamentals of electron theory – Wave-particle duality – Schrödinger equation, wavefunctions, and eigenvalues – Solutions for specific QM problems – Electronic structure of atoms – Energy bands in crystals – Free electron theory of metals – Electron transport in metals – Electrons in semiconductors and insulators – Electronic properties of intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors – Electronic devices (contacts, junctions, diodes, transistors, quantum effect devices) – Properties and applications of dielectrics.

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